About a roof, our friend Elaine and a well-spent Saturday

Last Saturday morning, we were layered in t-shirts, sweatshirts and mittens. Despite the chilly weather and anticipated heavy rain showers, RepairClinic Outreach members and some family members and friends were among hundreds of volunteers bused to area homes to provide free home repairs for seniors and disabled residents.

We were assigned to the home of our new friend, Elaine.

A dozen volunteers were keeping their balance atop her home’s roof and pushing off old shingles when she said, “When they told me I was picked to get a new roof and that you all were going to come here, I cried for 20 minutes.”

She was so, so grateful.

A roofing company and a landscaping company had already done lot of work on the home the day before so that made the project move quickly.

Some of us cleared shingles from the roof. One of our appliance gurus determined that Elaine’s dishwasher wasn’t broken as she believed; she just needed to press the button harder (awww…). The rest of us cleared debris from the shingles removal, did minor yard work and swept the sidewalks.

We were sent home with an extremely warm thank you from the event coordinators, Elaine and Elaine’s son.

It was a very well-spent, rewarding Saturday.

You can read more about the event in this story.




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