Air Conditioner Condensers & Mosquitoes

These hot summer days are bringing lots of great questions, including this one about air conditioner condenser coils and mosquitoes:


I live in an area with an exceptional amount of mosquitoes that travel in swarms this time of the year. Should I be worried that they’ll damage my air conditioner’s condenser coils?

Answer from our appliance gurus:

Mosquitoes are drawn to water and moisture-rich areas. Since air conditioner condenser coils are hot and dry, they have no reason to find hanging around your air conditioner appealing. However, be on the lookout for puddles of rain water that may form atop your AC unit. Mosquitoes love standing water. Keep this area dry.

Regular Maintenance:

You should also clean the condenser coils regularly to keep them operating optimally. Use a garden hose and gently wash out leaves, grass, dirt and other debris from between the coils. Window air conditioner units require a bit more care. After removing the unit from the window, you’ll need to disassemble it in order to thoroughly clean out its coils and fan. You should also check and clean or replace the air filter.

Something not working right with your window air conditioner? We can help.

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