Six simple appliance fixes under 40 dollars

Every day, people tell us they would have been fixing appliances on their own years ago, if they’d only known how how simple and inexpensive repairs really are – thanks to resources like

I fixed my washing machine for $20, they say. $15 and the dryer is back in business, they say.

It’s true. Many appliance repairs are very inexpensive and simple – easily do-it-yourself projects.

Think common appliance problems such as a lazy dryer, an ice maker that won’t make ice, an oven that’s cooking unevenly, a dryer that won’t spin or heat, bad-tasting ice water or ice and a washing machine that won’t drain or spin – all everyday-life-interrupting, annoying problems…

Good news: they’re all common and inexpensive, DIY repairs.

We made a list of them for inspiration.

Check out our list of six simple appliance repairs that cost under $40 and save you major money:

Six simple appliance fixes

What else would you add to that list? Let us know in the comments.


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