The Great Spring Tune-up Kit Sale

Spring arrives, officially, in a few weeks.

Though we’re still snow covered here in Michigan, we’re stocking up on everything we need to get our lawn mowers and engine-powered equipment ready for the season.

When it’s time for the first mow and to clear the mess left by winter in our yards, our equipment will be ready.

How about yours?

Tuning up your engine(s) will:
•    Improve efficiency
•    Reduce emissions
•    Prevent costly repairs
•    Extend the life of your equipment

We’re thrilled to announce that our popular, annual Great Spring Tune-Up Kit Sale has returned.

The Great Spring Tune-up Kit Sale. Now through 11:59 ET on May 31, 2015, all engine tune-up kits are on sale.

The Great Spring Tune-up Kit Sale

Kit contents vary but most include motor oil, fuel stabilizer, air filter, spark plug and step-by-step tune up instructions.

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