What do you do if you spill gasoline or other flammable chemicals on gloves, rags or clothing?

Yesterday, my mother spilled gasoline on her gardening gloves and didn’t think twice about putting these gloves into her washing machine right away.

“Mom!” I said with disbelief. “Do you want to burn down your house?!”

Since she appeared to have no idea why that placing gasoline-stained fabric into her washing machine and dryer was a fire risk, it occurred to me that other homeowners might not realize the dangers.

I asked Chris Zeisler, one of RepairClinic.com’s on-staff appliance experts, about it.

Listen up, Mom.

“If you’ve spilled a chemical like gasoline, it’s best to wash the item in a bucket of hot, soapy water outside and hang it to air dry outside,” advised Zeisler. “Gasoline may damage the washing machine’s drain pump and hose system. It could also remain in the machine, damaging the next loads of laundry. More importantly, one should never place anything that can create combustible fumes into a dyer.”
– Jody Lamb, RepairClinic.com Public Relations Manager



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