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No matter where your business operates, you likely got your share of unexpected weather- from record-breaking heat and droughts and to violent storms and expedited signs of autumn.

Despite the curveballs, we hope you’ve had a successful, productive summer.

As you prep for the busy autumn season, now just a few weeks away, we wish you great success.

We asked Jeff Linderman,’s in-house landscaping expert and successful landscaping business owner, to share three ways to attract new clients this month.

Be a Curb Appeal Hero
In late July, reports showed that the U.S. real estate market is bouncing back. Nationally, home values rose for the first time since 2007 and the rate of home foreclosures has declined.

What does this mean for landscaping and lawn care businesses? Confidence in the market may result in an increase in homes on the market. Homeowners, eager to sell their homes at a higher value, will look for ways to make their homes stand out.

Fortunately for them, you have a team of curb appeal experts who can give their yards a fresh-for-fall facelift and dramatically improve the look of their homes.

Introduce your business to local real estate agents and offer your services at a discounted rate for a few of their clients. Trim, prune and mow away their yards into masterpieces. Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful thing in the real estate world so you’ll likely earn new customers.

Meet the Snowbirds
If you’re in the north: Snowbirds, a.k.a homeowners who take up winter residency in the southern states, are prepping now for their fall move. Volunteer to speak at local Rotary Clubs and other community organizations about steps to prepare yards for winter to improve their health in the spring. Odds are that you’ll meet new customers who are preparing for their departure and will rest easy knowing you’ll help them get their yards prepped for spring.

If you’re in the south, welcome snowbirds by offering new customer discounts. Introduce yourself and your business and volunteer to speak at local organizations. This will introduce your brand to newcomers and strengthen the image among current customers.

Get Your Equipment Ready Now
Chainsaws and debris blowers got put to good use this summer. Check your owner’s manual and replace the air filter as needed. has replacement parts including cutting chains, air filters, ignition coils and more. Now is also a great time to re-read owner’s manuals and inspect all of your staple fall gear including chippers, shredders, leaf blowers, edgers, log splitters, string trimmers, tillers, pole puners, lawn mowers, zero turn mowers and more. Avoid a lengthy wait with a backlogged small engine shop and learn how to fix stuff on your own. has 600+ how-to videos and 1,000,000 parts.

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