Allergen Shield Plus air filters


Introducing Allergen Shield Plus™ air filters for superior air filtration, superior home air quality

Seasonal allergies affect one in five Americans and nearly one in four Canadians. Since most people spend one third to one half of every day at home, home air quality is extremely important. Pollutants in the home can adversely impact these conditions.

Never underestimate the power of high-quality air filters in improving home air quality.

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Earlier this year, we introduced a line of RepairClinic-exclusive air filters with features to dramatically improve home air quality by trapping impurities, stopping them from circulating.


•    3-ply construction with permanent antimicrobial layer
•    Innovation design forms a tight seal on all four sides
•    Commercial-grade MERV 8 allergen filtration
•    Resists mold and mildew, even when exposed to moisture
•    Embedded steel frame maintains shape and prevents bending and warping
•    Performs well for three months with virtually no air-flow loss
•    Innovative design forms tight, four-side seal to eliminate gaps
•    Available in various standard and non-standard sizes
•    Made from 29% post-consumer, recycled content by weight

Many air filters use an electrostatic charge to attract dust, pollen and dander; this charge weakens over time, enabling these contaminants to travel through your home. Allergen Shield Plus filters are uniquely designed with three layers to capture more dust and allergens than most paper filters.


Shop for Allergen Shield Plus air filters.


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