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You know what’s awesome? The increasing popularity of maker spaces and do-it-yourself gyms where people are making and fixing stuff all over North America!

We’re excited that so many are embracing their do-it-yourself spirit.

In addition to empowering people to fix broken appliances and equipment on their own and save money, we’re ultra passionate about sharing our knowledge about maintenance. (Have you bookmarked our new, money-saving Maintenance Tips, yet?) We know how important it is to reducing energy, saving money, prevent costly repairs and keeping appliances and equipment running well.

That’s why we look for opportunities to share maintenance know-how .

Locally, here in metro Detroit, we’re excited to spend time with Maker Works, a great place located in our neighboring Ann Arbor, Michigan. Maker Works is an AWESOME place where hundreds of DIYers regularly gather to make stuff using just about every type of equipment and machinery imaginable – from embroidery machines to 3D printers to welding machines and expansive wood workshops.

Their monthly Fix-it Friday has become increasingly popular; community members bring broken furniture, electronics, appliances and equipment for assistance/advice on DIY repair. Many of the do-it-yourselfers who volunteer to help at these events are longtime RC customers and as a result, countless people have discovered us and become RC customers and successful repair DIYers.

To support our local DIY community and our Maker Works friends, our own Jeff Linderman, Outdoor Power Equipment Specialist, will present a workshop on outdoor power equipment maintenance. Attendees will learn how to improve efficiency, prevent costly repairs and extend the life of their lawn mowers and other outdoor power equipment.® presents An Outdoor & Lawn Equipment Maintenance Workshop

Friday, May 9, 2014 at 4 pm

Maker Works
3765 Plaza Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Please invite friends, family and acquaintances who may be interested in attending. It’s free and no RSVP is needed.

Can’t make it?

No worries. We’ll share tips, videos and photos from the event here and on our social media accounts!


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