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It’s officially summer!

Upside: Lots of family fun.

Downside: Increased cooling equipment and appliance energy consumption and higher bills.

That’s why it’s an ideal time to implement changes to reduce energy consumption around your home.


First and foremost, fix broken stuff.
Pay attention to changes in performance and use our free Repair Help for troubleshooting and repair help information to improve efficiency and address issues before they become major – costly – problems.
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Here’s a roundup of our best tips for energy saving in your home:


How to discover energy hogs in your home

Josh Hull gives a helpful how-to for monitoring energy consumption and discovering energy hogs. Find out what’s using phantom power (energy consumption while in standby mode) and changes you can make to reduce energy consumption.

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19 simple ways to reduce energy consumption in the home

Learn little-known ways to conserve energy.

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Seven things you’re wasting money on in your home

Learn how basic maintenance of appliances like refrigerators and dryers can have a dramatic impact on energy conservation – and save you money.

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Easy refrigerator energy-reducing tips

Your favorite kind of maintenance: Fast, simple stuff.

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Central air conditioner maintenance tips

It’s not too late to give your central air system an energy-saving tune-up. Learn how.

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What would you add to the list?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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