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Here at RepairClinic.com we have no problem bragging when it is appropriate – and it is entirely appropriate when it comes to our customers.

We love when we have the chance to help you save money and accomplish things you didn’t think was possible. Therefore, it goes without saying, we love when we hear from you after a big repair! We so enjoy the daily feedback from customers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and our blog about successful repairs and money savings.  We can’t get enough of it. We have the best customers. Seriously.

Here’s some recent feedback that made us smile:

Customer note 1


Customer note 2


Customer note 3


Saving money is important to you! It’s important to us, too. When we hear we helped you save money while doing a repair, it makes our day. Thank you to the economizing moms and the manly men and everyone in between for sharing your experience with us. It fills us with warm fuzzies!

Customer note 4


Customer note 6

Okay, we’re convenient! We get it! We’re the Robin to your Batman and we wouldn’t have it any other way. When you’re in the middle of a repair and you reach behind you and say “wrench,” we want to be there to hand you a wrench and say “wrench” right back – figuratively speaking of course. The point is we love that we have the opportunity to provide help when you need it. It gives us all a great sense of satisfaction.

Customer note 7

We get really excited when our customers are so specific about how they saved the day with a repair. We’d like to think this Happy Repair Momma went on to bake those cookies and her kids were so in awe of her awesomeness that they never complained about cleaning their rooms again. That’s how we think it should go. Kudos to you, Repair Momma!

Customer note 8

Yes, please. When can you start?

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