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A few weeks ago, after we shared how-to tips about getting your gas-powered snowblower ready for off-season storage, we heard from several electric snowblower owners.

(For our neighbors in the northern states and Canada: Yes, electric snowblowers exist! They are most common in areas that rarely receive more than a few inches of fluffy snow. They’re a good choice for clearing decks and patios or short walkways.)

So, how do you get your electric snowblower ready for storage?

Remember that electric snowblowers are designed for ultra-smooth surfaces and are susceptible to damage if used on an uneven surface, which can occur due to ice-melting salt damage. It’s definitely wise to take the time to inspect your snowblower for damage before storage.

Here are five tips for prepping your electric snowblower for storage until you need it again:

  • Inspect the power cord for fraying or any other damage.
  • Lubricate bearings.
  • Examine the auger for damage.
  • Inspect the scraper blade, slide shoes and other parts for wear.

These parts have the important job of protecting the housing from damage. Replace these parts if they have worn dangerously thin or are damaged beyond repair.

  • Store in a cool, dry place.

Cover the snowblower to prevent dust and debris from entering the unit.

Have a great spring!

Get your spring outdoor power equipment ready for the season, too:

If you have a gas-powered engine, pick up a tune-up kit. A tune-up kit with air filters, oil and other maintenance essentials makes it convenient to get equipment ready.

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