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Your dad may have taught you the basics of baseball and what’s under your car’s hood but did he get his Lawn Care Tips wrong? Today, we debunk five common yard care myths.

1. Watering your lawn every day is essential to keeping it green. Incorrect.

“Frequent watering for short periods will cause your lawn’s root system to remain close to the surface and therefore more susceptible to disease,” explained Jeff Linderman,’s landscaping expert.  “In most parts of the U.S., you should water your grass weekly but keep the water flowing for a lengthy period to allow for deeper saturation. This will result in deeper root growth and a healthier, more drought resistant lawn.”

2. It doesn’t matter if you cut the lawn really short. Incorrect.

If you prefer a more vibrant, plush green lawn, don’t give your lawn a buzz cut. Grass grows through photosynthesis. Shorter blades cannot attain the energy necessary to grow properly; taller blades also positively impact the health of the root systems.

3. If you leave fuel in the lawn mower or other outdoor power equipment for the winter, all you need to do is drain a little from the carburetor come spring. Incorrect.

Damaging buildup can form when fuel is stored for extended periods and permanently clog the fuel jets and ports. Adding fuel stabilizer before storage will keep the fuel fresher longer and slow buildup.

4. Rake up and dispose of leaves right away or they’ll smother and kill the grass. Incorrect.

“Okay, we admit that this one’s partly correct,” said Chris Hall, president of “A heavy, tall pile of leaves can damage your lawn. However, in lieu of raking and disposing of the leaves, consider mowing over the leaves every day as they fall. It’s free lawn fertilizer and a lot less work.”

5. Bare patches on a lawn are best seeded during spring. Incorrect.

It varies by region but in general, the best time of the year to seed is early autumn. This allows the seeds time to grow their root systems.

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