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Now that spring has truly settled in and the ground in colder climates has completely thawed, gardening aficionados are marking time on their calendars to till the soil to ensure the bulbs and vegetables they’re intending to plant will thrive. If you depend on a gas-powered tiller to do this job, your equipment will probably require an engine tune-up before it’s ready to perform. Otherwise, you may find the tiller will run rough or not start at all.

But what do you do if you discover your tiller has developed a fuel leak during the ten months or more it was residing in the tool shed? We’ve got five likely reasons why your gas-powered tiller is leaking fuel and what you can do to fix the problem.

Troubleshooting a leaky gas-powered tiller

Home-use gasoline-powered tillers will either have a four-cycle engine, which has a separate sump for oil, or a two-cycle engine, which requires the gasoline to be mixed with the oil for the engine to operate properly. Both engine types can develop a fuel leak. Here are five likely causes to assist you with troubleshooting, along with the part or parts you’ll need to replace to resolve the issue:

  1. Dried-out carburetor bowl gasket – If the fuel leak appears to be coming from the bottom of the carburetor, the carburetor bowl gasket could be dried-out or missing altogether. Replacing the old bowl gasket with a new one should stop the leak.
  2. Damaged carburetor  –  Over time, the carburetor itself may develop cracks due to the heat and vibration of the engine, causing it to leak fuel. You should inspect the carburetor for cracks or corrosion and replace the entire component if it is damaged.
  3. Cracked fuel line – One or more of the fuel lines could be cracked or dried-out as well. Attempting to repair a fuel line by applying glue or trimming the damaged portion is never a good idea. Choose instead to replace the old line with a new one that fits your engine model. Fuel lines are very inexpensive and relatively easy to install.
  4. Faulty fuel tank – The fuel tank may be cracked or have a small hole in it. As with a fuel line, you should replace the faulty fuel tank with a brand new one instead of attempting to repair the old tank.
  5. Brittle primer bulb – Given enough time, the rubber of the primer bulb can become brittle and crack, causing the bulb to leak fuel. Again, if your tiller engine has a primer bulb, you can replace the part with a new one at little expense.

Fix your fuel-leaking tiller with the right parts from Repair Clinic

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