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Many of our 135 staff members will tell you that one of the things they love best about RepairClinic is how much good we do, beyond our business.

This month, RepairClinic staffers donated presents, shopped for and wrapped gifts to complete wish lists of eight local families. Today, RepairClinic delivered those gifts to grateful staff at the Hope Clinic. RepairClinic is a long-time supporter of the Hope Clinic, an Ypsilanti, Michigan-based organization that provides compassionate and practical help to those in need – including social services, food and basic living necessities and dental and medical care to the uninsured. The Hope Clinic provided RepairClinic with the wish lists.

Several RepairClinic staff members also volunteered to make fleece blankets at home and during lunch breaks. This week, nearly all of those blankets were sold to RepairClinic employees. All profits from the blanket sales were donated to the Hope Clinic to assist with increased needs this time of the year.

These efforts were coordinated by RepairClinic’s Community Outreach group, which includes dozens of RepairClinic staffers who support local and national non-profit organizations with volunteerism and fundraising, outside of their RepairClinic work.

Earlier this year, Community Outreach stuffed school bags with supplies for local school kids and raised nearly $7,000 for the American Cancer Society. Last year, we fundraised to support local animals and shelters, planted 70 trees in Detroit – among many other activities. Read about more of our activities.

Blanket sale

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