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Snow blowers are more powerful and dangerous than most people realize. Here are important snow blower safety tips we share with friends and family.

Wear protective eye-wear & keep kids and pets inside

Ice can be projected at high speeds and cause serious eye injury. Always wear a pair of safety eye glasses. Children and pets should remain indoors when a snow blower is in operation because the cloud of snow created by the snow blower or snow thrower while in operation hinders visibility.

Prevent a snow or ice jam

While some clogging may be inevitable, we use a snow blower no-stick spray on areas that come into contact with snow.

snow blower safety tips

Be careful when clearing a snow or ice jam

People suffer serious hand and arm injuries when they attempt to clear snow blower jams with their hands. Snow blower augers will continue to spin for a while after the bale arm located at the handle has been released. Therefore, one should never place a hand or arm inside of a chute. Thick gloves will not prevent injury. Instead, a small shovel or the end of a broom should be used to clear snow and ice jams in the auger housing or chute after the motor has been shut off.

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