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Our customers’ successful DIY repair stories often begin the same way: They describe the dread and panic that comes when an appliance breaks down.

I can’t afford to buy a new one.

I can’t afford to pay a repair technician to fix it.

Facing an unexpected major expense like this, coupled with the hassle of having a down appliance, makes it a dilemma.

The stories take a positive route when they say, “Then I found RepairClinic.”

This is exactly how the story went from RepairClinic customer Jeffery Jarrad of Burlington, Vermont.

When the Jarrad family’s stove “went haywire” as a result of a faulty element, an appliance technician estimated the repair would cost roughly $500.

“That high a cost put us in the mode of deciding to repair or replace the whole stove, but we had had a number of big bills and couldn’t really afford to do either, so we limped along for a while without that main burner,” Jarrad said.

Finally, in desperation, Jarrad searched online for range repair information and discovered’s free troubleshooting and repair help. After watching a few videos and reading the testimonials of many happy do-it-yourselfers, Jarrad wondered if he could complete the repair himself.

“Your 365-day return policy cinched it for me,” he said. “I knew I could try the [part] I thought it was and replace it if it was the wrong one.”

Jarrad completed the part replacement following RepairClinic’s how-to video for their particular range model.

“With a drum roll or two, we tested it and everything worked,” Jarrad said. “We saved $320! I took the family out to dinner! I am now the household hero and proud of myself for taking on the challenge. I know a heck of a lot more about stoves now, so the next problem will be much easier to handle.”

Jarrad said he never thought he’d try do-it-yourself appliance repair and was surprised how simple it really can be for homeowners.

“My guess is that what stops people from trying DIY appliance repair is more fear that they can’t do it, rather than the problem itself,” Jarrad said. “It just takes a little patience and common sense. With a return policy like RepairClinic’s, why not give it a shot?”

Thank you for sharing your story, Jeffrey Jarrad and family! Congratulations on the successful repair and money savings.

Have a DIY appliance or equipment repair success story, too? Let me know us in the comment section below or email me at JLamb [at] We’d LOVE to hear about it!

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