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Wondering how to winterize your lawn mower? Good!  The majority of problems lawn mowers have at the start of spring are caused by failing to care for the lawn mowers before storing for the winter. Proper maintenance of your lawn mower will extend its life and prevent costly repairs.

Here are the top seven most important things you should do to get your lawn mower ready for the cold season:

1. Replace damaged or worn parts and troubleshoot performance issues.

Inspect key components and replace as needed. Pay particular attention to the engine and blade. A damaged blade can be a safety risk.  Consider replacing the fuel filter, spark plug and air filter. Foam air filters can be cleaned.

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2. Thoroughly clean the undercarriage, deck and fuel cap.

Remove the spark plug wire and boot before performing any maintenance. Use a hose, putty knife and car wash detergent to remove debris buildup from the undercarriage and deck. Fuel caps have vent holes to allow air into the fuel tank. Use a paintbrush to brush away particles and buildup on the fuel cap. Before closing the fuel cap, inspect for blockage and replace it if there’s blockage.

3. Degrease.

Spray degreaser on oil stains. Allow the degreaser to sit for 10-15 minutes before wiping with a clean cloth. Rinse with a hose.

4. Spray lubricant on any bare metal undercarriage parts to prevent rusting.

5. Add fuel stabilizer to fresh fuel or empty the fuel tank, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions for the particular mower model.

6. Check the mower owner’s manual for the recommended way to handle oil replacement.

Most small engine repair shops and auto parts stores have a free recycling program for used oil.

7. Store in a dry place such as a garage or shed.

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