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In the heat of the summer, your air conditioner is essential. But what are the symptoms of a bad air conditioner fan motor?

The air conditioner fan motor is essential to move the cooled air throughout your home. The fan is visible on the side of the AC that is outside your home. Step outside and take a look at the fan, through the vents of the AC unit. If you notice any of the following symptoms of a bad air conditioner fan motor, it’s time to act.

  • Turn the AC on – if the fan does not turn, there is an issue.
  • While the AC is on, the rotation of the fan is notably slow.
  • The fan is making a rattling noise as it turns.
  • Turn the AC off – if the fan does not stop turning, there is an issue.

Another cause of the above symptoms could be a faulty capacitor. To check that the capacitor is not the issue, turn off the power breaker that provides electricity to your AC. Unscrew the side panel. Check that the capacitor looks as it should – a faulty capacitor may bulge or look out of shape. If it looks in good health, you might assume the cause of the above issues is the result of other faulty air conditioner parts, such as a bad air conditioner fan motor.

Condenser Fan Motor

The condenser fan motor pushes air outward, past the condenser. The condenser fan motor meets a great deal of demand as it constantly turns on and off as temperature requires. As the air moves through the AC unit, the condenser fan motor cools the hot, refrigerant gas, so that it becomes a cool liquid, to cool the air that enters your home.

Condenser Fan Motor Replacement

For successful condenser fan motor replacement, follow this brief step by step guide:

  1. Purchase the parts you need.
  2. Turn the power off.
  3. Remove the motor and the grill.
  4. Note which way the fan blades sit to ensure the new fan is placed in the right direction.
  5. Put the fan on the new motor.
  6. Connect the wiring, ensuring the wires are kept away from the blade and following the schematic on the new motor. Tie the wires into place, so that they will never touch the blades.
  7. Screw the motor back on to the grill.
  8. Bolt the grill in place.
  9. Test the amperage to check the replacement was completed correctly.

Replace Your Air Conditioner Fan Motor

With the right parts, it is possible to repair your AC unit by replacing your AC fan motor. Find condenser fan motor parts and more at Repair Clinic and get started on your AC repair.


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