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What causes freezer burn? And is it safe?

Freezer Burn | What is it and is it safe

People often ask us if the familiar snowy fuzz that appears on food in freezers is caused by a freezer malfunction. This ultra common “freezer burn” problem is actually caused by food packaging.

Food dehydrates due to exposure to the air in the freezer. Standard supermarket packaging for many foods is not designed to prevent dehydration. If you intend to store food in your freezer for more than a few days, you should place the food in airtight containers or zippered plastic bags specifically made for food preservation and freezer storage.

It is absolutely safe to cook or eat freezer-burned food. However, most people find that the dehydration process destroys the food’s taste and texture. Dehydrated meat is said to be tough and tasteless after cooking. Bottom line? Think about packaging.

Check out advice from the USDA about freezing and food safety here.

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