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News Customer Appreciation Day

Published on April 8th, 2013 | by Staff


This blog is inspired by DIYers like you

Dear friends,

Today, here at®,we’re thrilled to unveil this blog!

It’s inspired by you and the millions of DIYers we’ve heard from since our founding in 1999.

With the success of our YouTube channel with 1,000+ free how-to videos viewed 13,400,000 times and our advanced, easy-to-navigate online troubleshooting and repair help system, DIYers have asked us for more tips and advice about how to save money and fix things. We’re excited to share with do it yourselfers our knowledge on an additional platform.

RepairClinic’s on-staff experts power this blog with  maintenance tips and solutions to common problems with appliances, HVAC and outdoor power equipment.

To celebrate, we’re giving away a $150 Home Depot gift card. We hope you’ll share news about this blog and to your friends, family or readers.

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You’ve inspired topics such as the right way to load a dishwasher, how to reduce appliance and HVAC energy consumption, how to make a lawn mower run like new, how to reduce outdoor power equipment emissions, hidden appliance dangers, five-minute appliance fixes, among others. What topics are you most interest in seeing covered here? Please leave a comment below.

Blogger? Journalist?

Welcome. Here you’ll find story ideas and contact information for RepairClinic’s team of experts. Contact Jody Lamb, Public Relations Manager, at JLamb [at] or 734-495-3079 ext. 211.

About RepairClinic

Since 1999, three million people have purchased replacements parts and accessories from RepairClinic and saved $225 in repair costs by fixing appliances and outdoor power equipment on their own. From the beginning, RepairClinic has provided free troubleshooting and how-to resources on its website.

The company’s 1,000+ free how-to repair and how-it-works videos on its YouTube channel have been viewed more 13 million times.

RepairClinic’s free advanced online repair help system empowers do-it-yourselfers to fix common problems associated with outdoor power equipment, home appliances and HVAC equipment. DIYers can enter a model number to choose from a list of common symptoms for that particular model, troubleshoot and watch expertly-produced videos to learn the most likely causes and conditions and purchase the correct part. stocks more than one million parts and accessories for 160 brands of lawn mowers, small engines, string trimmers and other handheld outdoor power equipment, furnaces, air conditioners, air handlers, heat pumps, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, snowblowers, leaf blowers, edgers and many other products.

Since 1999, the company has served more than three million customers including homeowners, first-time and beginner DIYers, advanced DIYers, appliance repair professionals, small engine repair shops and landscaping and lawn care business owners. RepairClinic orders are backed by a 365 Days. Period.™ return policy that enables customers to return any part. Of the more than one million parts available on the website, 95 percent of parts ordered are in stock and guaranteed to ship the same business day. RepairClinic ships within the United States, U.S. territories and military bases and Canada.

Want more tips?

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About the Author staff members enjoy dozens of daily conversations with RepairClinic’s customer community every day. We're inspired by our customers' stories of successful DIY repairs, major money savings and empowerment to tackle many repair projects on their own. Every day, our 2,200+ free how-to videos are viewed 60,000 times. Visit and join us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

180 Responses to This blog is inspired by DIYers like you

  1. Diane Redcay says:

    I fixed our grill once

  2. wendy b says:

    i fixed our dishwasher. i’d like to see info on washers and dryers.

  3. Elena says:

    I fixed the sink once

  4. Mary Thomas says:

    Fixed a vacuum

  5. Grace Thomas says:

    I fixed my lawnmower. I plan on using it for my fridge, my snowblower, my oven, everything I can possibly fix or break! I love the videos and clear instructions!

  6. Chris Phillips says:

    I fixed my lawnmower and my dryer thanks to RepairClinic

  7. PittCaleb says:

    Question better is what appliance or outdoor power equipment HAVEN’T I repaired? I come from a technology family, but the best “college course” I took was “small engine repair” after my sophomore year in HS at the local community college. Learned to tear down a Briggs & Stratton engine and rebuild from the ground up. Took away the fear of breaking something and the mystique that engines are simply magic. Been taking apart and fixing ever since. Oh how I miss my father…

    • Jody Lamb says:

      What a great comment! You’re right. Many people are intimidated by engine repair. However, we hope our videos and repair help information will empower people to try it, just as the community college course you took did! You’ll really enjoy posts by Jeff Linderman, our in-house outdoor power equipment expert. Like you, he’s a small engine guru.

  8. Ronda Garnett says:

    I usually repair everything myself using your website 🙂

  9. Becki says:

    I recommend all the time 🙂 There was even a magnet on the fridge in the garage already when we moved into our new house – I took it as a sign this was meant to be our house.

  10. Barb says:

    We had someone fix our ice maker the first time, but after that I checked for the correct part and my husband fixed it himself.

  11. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I once fixed our toilet. I was extremely proud 🙂

  12. Thomas Murphy says:

    I have fixed my snowblower on my own. I have never used RepairClinic how-to help or videos but I am going to check them out!

  13. Karen says:

    We diagnosed the problem with the dryer with help from the Repair Clinic. My husband was ready to throw in the towel and just buy another one, but he agreed to humor me and follow the tips I found. We purchased the parts Repair Clinic recommenced and we fixed that beast. Two years later – it’s still working fine.

  14. Nataly Carbonell says:

    We once tried to make a little deck on our backyard…Guess what, it is awesome

  15. Sarah P. says:

    My husband fixes tons of stuff by watching videos. He’s replaced two toilets, the float mechanisms in the toilets, replaced a whole ceiling fan and put up drywall in the basement. Repair Clinic has been a great source of help! Keep the tips coming!

  16. Marc Davis says:

    I have replaced the magnetron in my microwave & plan on repairing my squeeking dryer.

  17. Rust says:

    I’ve not used how-to videos yet (but I google a lot!) and I have repaired a dishwasher and a dryer. I’ve not yet used Repair Clinic videos but I am glad to know they are available to me.

  18. Dave says:

    I’m glad you got into carrying outdoor power equipment parts. I’ve been able to find some hard to find parts at very competitive prices. Plus, I live in the area so picking up the parts rather than shipping them is a huge benefit.


  19. TK says:

    I have used the site to order parts and for repair info. Great place for all.

  20. Megan says:

    Still in the first year at our first house, I could use all the tips I can get.Your site helped me fixed the washer we got from the previous owner.

  21. Ron says:

    I have fixed my microwave, washer, AND dryer thanks to repair clinic! I am lucky enough to live near it, so I’m able to pick up my parts right away (during business hours). I especially like the videos on how to replace the part – especially for things that are not obvious to disassemble, like the dryer!

  22. Allyson Bossie says:

    I have fixed things such as our washer and dryer, lawn mower and even a rear tine tiller!

  23. Margaret King says:

    I fixed my leaky faucet it was easier then i thought it would be.

  24. Cam says:

    Repair clinic is great. I love getting inexpensive parts delivered to my door. The web advice and help is awesome.

  25. Mary Pitman says:

    I can look up a video for repairing almost anything. It is step-by-step and shows one how to take care of problems without the headache of wondering what to do. I’ve told all my female friends about this site.

  26. April S says:

    Used three DIY videos to repair my dishwasher…saved hundreds of $$$ in repair fees!! Thanks!

  27. denise says:

    have repaired a vacuum clear thanks to you

  28. Henry says:

    I was able to buy a tester to figure out what was wrong with my dryer. Then was able to buy the right electrical parts to actually fix my dryer. This saved me a lot of money compared to buying a new one! Thx!

  29. Stephen Girard says:

    Thanks for the great web site and clear, accurate tips – Definitely saved my washer and dryer.

  30. Vince says:

    Repair clinic has been extremely helpful not only with its tips and diagnostics, but having most parts readily available for shipping the very same day is key to a successful and expedited repair, saving the DIY boatloads of money on labor!

  31. Sandy Nelson says:

    I fixed my oven

  32. Julia Kurtz says:

    The latch on my microwave oven broke while I was making dinner. The evening I went on and found out how to fix it and ordered the part. I received the part within 3 days and using your video had my microwave fix in minutes for around $8. THANKS!!!

  33. Thomas Mercks says:

    I always repair my own appliances. It’s not that difficult. I have used the videos mostly to review disassembly/reassembly of the appliances, and make sure the faulty parts are what I thought was wrong prior to ordering. The – order extra parts and return what you don’t use – policy is awesome. I recently replaced a belt and a door latch in a friend’s dryer, and a motor coupling in her washer. The best part for me was getting the parts at a reasonable price from the web site, even with shipping. The markups charged by the local parts stores are unreal.

  34. Doug Eaton says:

    I was able to keep our ASKO washer and dryer running for 10 years. Repair Clinic was both the source of parts and information they helped me do it.

  35. Matt McP says:

    My gas dryer was making clunking and banging noises, and identified all the rollers, belts and pulleys to repair. Now 5 years later, the dryer is still running good. Also fixed / replaced broken refrigerator ice maker, lawn mowers, tractors, snow blowers, oven heating elements, all kinds of stuff. And – I have referred several friends who are also now fans. Very convenient to order on-line & pick-up at the counter. Thanks RepairClinic!

  36. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    We are huge DIY’ers! We’ve fixed our dryer, dishwasher, fridge, tore down & rebuilt a new deck ourselves, laying tile floors, fixed wheelbarrows, etc…

  37. Bob S. says:

    Great tip on washer drum replacement. In addition to letting me know a special tool was required, you had one available for purchase.

  38. Pam says:

    Your web site is the best. You have helped me several times with advice and parts.
    I make sure everyone I know – is aware of Repair Clinic.
    Thank You!!!

  39. GoToGuy says:

    Over the last 8 years Repair Clinic has helped me repeatedly fix my own, and SAVE BIG money around the home.


  40. Cheryl S says:

    Easy to identify parts needed to fix my microwave and dishwasher. Next project… my washing machine!! Videos are extremely helpful too.

  41. Andrew says:

    I have fixed a lot of stuff other people just throw away since they cannot get it to work. Simple fixes, a wire here, a spark plug there. If they knew of this site I would not have so many free things to fix 🙂

  42. Len Contrastano says:

    Congratulations on your new additional features. Have used the repair videos many times and find them very helpful especially for washers and dryers. It seems every manufacturer has a different approach to disassembly of the appliance frames. Have passed your website on to many friends and they were really pleased with the information on DIY repairs. I also like the ease of navigating the site and price and return policy that you provide. Look foward to using the additional features. Also would like to thank you for allowing many of us to use Email to enter this contest. I don’t have a Facebook account (and don’t want one). Thanks again…

    • Lisa says:

      I second the comment re: using email to enter contest (and not forcing a Facebook login)!! Just another way repairclinic its sensitive to its customers.

  43. Docia Vagnerini says:

    I’ve just found you and I’m so glad I did.This will be such a help for all my repairs etc.Thank-you for your help.

  44. Marsha Fleming says:

    I love all your resources! I realize that I can do much of my own repair instead of calling in an expensive “professional.”

  45. Bill Peters says:

    Replaced flappers on the toilets , spark plugs on lawn mowers , generator , snow blower and some other things around the house .

  46. Ken says:

    Being a homeowner for 26 years years my wife and I have fixed everything. Recently we talked about replacing our dishwasher and after following some tips thru Repair Clinic we ordered a few parts, did some suggested maintenance from you guys and it is running great.

  47. John Cutrone says:

    DIY Repair Clinic has helped me multiple times with home repairs on my Clothes Dryer, Dishwasher. I like the way they KISS “Keep It Simple Smiley”

  48. Nathen B says:

    I have used RepairClinic to fix two washers and a dryer, its always easy to find the parts you need on their website, and it saves a lot of money not having to call in a service tech. They also have fast shipping, which always helps.

  49. Mike says:

    I have used repair clinic to fix my clothes dryer and my refrigerator. Good choice for DIYer’s

  50. Andrew Stein says:

    I’ve been a long-time customer…, Repair clinic is for any part you would pay 10 times for, with a repair service – and the installation instructions are easy. Fixed / maintained my Aprilaire humidifier every winter, put a new “transmission” in my old-school Maytag (never give this one up) washing machine…, yea, they don’t make them like this anymore! and fixed my refrigerator door, and dozens of other tasks that have saved me money.

  51. Pam says:

    Great service. I fixed my microwave in no time at a fraction of the cost. Also cleaned out my dishwasher without a hitch. You’re YouTube videos are the best. You’re at the top of my Favorites list.

  52. Nancy z. Leck says:

    Have fixed our clothes dryer, gas stovetop and replaced gasket on our refrig. I’m thinking we saved several
    hundred dollars. Expert help in finding parts and replacing them.

  53. Lowrie says:

    My electric dryer wouldn’t heat. With your help and parts, even I was able to replace the coil and get it running again. Big dollars saved!

  54. Sheryl Coleman says:

    I have fixed my washing machine a few times.:)

  55. John Nurthen says:

    I felt like a real pro when I fixed my air conditioning system. I have been taking care of my 92 year old mother in law who is pretty much wheelchair bound. Having the air go out with not much money in hand and certainly not enough to have to replace entire system, I was pretty overwhelmed until I searched and saw your advice. Never hearing the word capacitor much less knowing what it did, I took your advice per the symptoms I described and replaced it. 26 dollars later that baby kicked on and the rest is history. Cool air again was great but a happy mother in law, priceless!
    PS: To show you how stupid I could be, my biggest challenge was trying to remember the order of the wires when reconnecting the new capacitor. Later, a friend reminded that all I had to do was take a picture with my cell phone.

  56. rmcgahagin says:

    wonderful site… more than helpful with many repairs(washing machine, refrigerator, grill…) and parts for me over the past few years

  57. Karen says:

    I’ve repaired my dishwasher, washing machine, clothes dryer and refrigerator — all with help and/or parts from You guys are great!

  58. Todd says:

    Our first plan is to fix appliances ourselves. Your website is a great help!

  59. Jim Augustus says:

    Thanks to I learned how to disassemble my parents’ Bosch stove. Unfortunately the control board is not available, but I was able to repair the transformer and saved my parents hundreds of dollars.

  60. Dan R says:

    Getting ready to put the snow blower away – after following the guidance from repairclinic.

  61. Greg Powers says:

    I found a video on dryer repair that gave me a good idea on what I’d find when I started taking the dryer apart. I ordered the parts and had them ready before I started the job.

  62. Ann says:

    We gave our trash compactor a new look by replacing the old black faceplate with a new stainless steel faceplate. It saved us hundreds of dollars by not having to buy a new compactor to match our other appliances.

  63. Cecilia says:

    I’ve fixed our dishwasher and washer/dryer. RepairClinic’s been a great help to me!

  64. Andy says:

    RepairClinic has been a great resource and saved me a bunch of money since I could get parts to repair my washer and gas range myself. The YouTube video feature has been an awesome addition and I look forward to this new blogging feature!

  65. Kayma says:

    I love all the help Repair Clinic has provided. I now know how to make repairs around the house. Love this site.

  66. Maureen says:

    I’ve used Repair Clinic regularly to fix my appliances! So far 2 fridges, a freezer, and a stove. Love! Thanks for everything!

  67. Joan Wallace says:

    Great site

  68. Charles says:

    I think I have repaired every appliance in my house and then some. Being a retired HVAC mechanic helps but your site has been invaluable. Thank you!

  69. AJ Fritz says:

    So far I’ve used to repair my washing machine (twice), dryer (twice), Refrigerator, Range, Microwave, and Dishwasher (three times). I have saved so much time and money doing it myself, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to hiring repair men.

  70. Kathy B says:

    We fixed the burners on our stove when the relay burned out.

  71. Steve says:

    replaced the ice maker in my fridge…great savings over the repair man!

  72. carolyn baker says:

    I am a single Mom. So far my son and I have: replaced the motor in a roof venting fan (I think that’s what it’s called); repaired a broken computer monitor, repaired a broken dishwasher (twice), and repaired a broken dryer and replaced a fuse in our electric panel using DIY videos. I make the diagnosis and buy the part on-line. My son watches the DIY video and make the repairs. We always look at the video. First to determine if we should attempt the repair ourselves. If we do have to hire someone to make the repair we watch the video to make sure they are making the repair correctly. We are empowered!

  73. Tom Kraushaar says:

    I have repaired all of my Kenmore Elite appliances with the help of your company. Your return policy is second to none with prompt refunds and help online. Thank You.

  74. Allyn P says:

    I’ve repaired an older refrigerator seal, RepairClinic had the freezer and door sels in stock at a very reasonable price. I also buy Aprilaire humidifier pads annually for our furnace. We have wood floors throughout our condo and roper humidity is a must. Ireally like the YouTube channel, loads of great repair how-to videos.

  75. Daniel Kovara says:

    I’ve used Repair Clinic to order parts and get info for how to do repairs. Very helpful, thanks

  76. Lisa says:

    I learned about when a friend recommended it after the refrigerator repair man was going to charge me ~$200 to service a part that I could see (after his diagnosis) was an easy “plug & play” fix. I saved about $100 that time. My washer recently stopped working. I googled the symptoms and drove up to repairclinic (I’m lucky to live close by). $10 part plus some time pulling the washer apart and it was working fine! (I’m sure it would’ve cost me hundreds to have it serviced.) Repairclinic’s free videos were a lifesaver too. I’m a single mom so the ability to take care of myself is critical. Thanks so much

  77. Bucky Swider says:

    I fixed my dog!! 🙂

  78. ralph franks says:

    With help from RepairClinic I have made repairs to my dishwasher door, my dryer and gas range ignitors. thank you for saving me big bucks.

  79. Chris says:

    Great videos on dryer repair and lawn mower repair.

  80. Marve W. says:

    This is a great site, come to it many times. Great service!

  81. SD Murray says:

    We have fixed the lawn mower, ice maker, washer, dishwasher, toaster oven, grill, and so many other things -even a flat screen tv my father in law was throwing out! Each fix represents one less thing in a trash dump!

  82. Erika says:

    Was so glad to find not only the part our washer needed several months back, but a video on how to install it, through Repair Clinic’s site! My husband is the fixer in the family, thank goodness, but my temporary fixes are sometimes creative if not completely successful – and at least a little amusing. I think I get points for not having burned, electrocuted, or otherwise harmed myself, yet.

  83. Michelle L says:

    In the 18 years I’ve lived in my house, there have been a number of DIY projects. Most recently, I saved some money by replacing the heating element in my oven myself (and had an experienced electrician friend double check my handy work, just to be safe). I love your DIY videos, and the variety of projects and tips.

  84. Daniel Despins says:

    Well, I just bought a microwave door handle from you guys and am about to try to replace it. Looking forward to your helpful comments / instructions !

  85. Neil says:

    I fixed my mower.. actually made it better than it came from the factory! Thanks to RepairClinic! Great website.

  86. Dotty Strickland says:

    I watched some of the videos…..thank you ever so much for providing us information on how to do it ourselves and how to stay safe.

  87. Joe says:

    Was able to repair dryer with the help of Repair Clinic .

  88. Gloria Hink says:

    appreciate getting parts and directions for fixing our SubZero side by side. It is old enough, and dealers too far away to get anything locally. Your help is great, your service super speedy. Thanks a bunch !

  89. Jay says:

    I have repaired my mower,fridge & weed eater, great site! I love!!!

  90. Lynda M. says:

    I’ve used Repair Clinic for years – This new site will be a wonderful addition to what you already have. Thank you so much for all your help over the years.

  91. Aprile Snyder says:

    Last year our dryer stopped heating so went to and tried each fix suggestion until we finally found the 1 part that wasn’t working. We ordered the part from for under $50 and it fixed our dryer! What a Blessing they were to guide us to the right solution. 🙂 …It saved us from buying a new dryer and it’s still working like new. Thank you, Thank you!

  92. Mike Sylvestre says:

    A great resource to get your questions answered.

  93. Robert says:

    Thanks for giving instruction to the curious

  94. Rick Baker says:

    I’ve used repair clinic about half dozen time for different topics, I’ve used it to repair my dryer, washer and even my lawn mower. I’ve learned that you can use repair clinic for just about anything repairable. I will use it again and have recommended repair clinic to friends.

  95. David Uthmann says: has been a great resource to me, and I am thrilled that they have started a blog. I can’t wait to see what kinds of posts we will get to see.

  96. Jodi says:

    I love the site, we use repairclinic for all our needs.

  97. Al Siegwald says:

    Whenever I have a problem with appliances your site is the first place I go – thanks.

  98. Glen Woodruff says:

    I love! They have been a great help to me for years. I have repaired two microwaves, my refrigerator, two washing machines, two dryers, a kitchen range, a gas furnace, and a garbage disposal. Their prices are always good, and I am especially glad that they now have a 365 day parts return policy.

  99. BJ says:

    Thanks for all the helpful advice and tips!

  100. roger dillon says:

    I’ll be senting this to all my e mail friends

  101. Karen Crosby says:

    Fixed a dryer and love your info.

  102. Judi S. says:

    Although I have not fixed anything your site has been helpful. I research the problem, find the solution and then have my husband fix it.

  103. Karen says:

    I love repair clinic. I fixed my oven’s thermostat all by myself. I didn’t think I could do it, but repair clinic gave me the confidence Thanks

  104. Pete says:

    Good information on troubleshooting on the website. Ordered the defrost heater and it came in the next day.Refrigerator operates like new.

  105. Marci Cornelius says:

    I fixed the toilet

  106. Deb Arnold says:

    I miss you guys and can’t wait to move back into another house.

  107. Bambi says:

    My husband and I were able to successfully take apart our LG dryer and replace the motor and belt thanks to internet help!

  108. Michael W Perkins says:

    I can overhaul a lawnmower engine

  109. Frank says:

    I recently ordered a element for our flat top electric stove. I got the part very quickly and the price was the best I could find.

  110. Matt Torok says:

    I have fixed lawn mowers and small engines.

    I love your site and use it to help me and my home improvements.

  111. Robert Bedecki says:

    I’ve been a Repair Clinic subscriber for years and I fixed my washing machine and dryer and lawn mower with your helpful hints and tips. Thank you for this wonderful site.

  112. Melody Bain says:

    what a great site and will help us a lot in repairing items so we don’t have to replace them. A BIG money saver! Thanks.

  113. CheriLynn Ziegler says:

    Awsome information and very detailed.

  114. Roger La Barre says:

    The videos are a great idea. No matter how experienced you are in repairs there is always a need for knowledge.

  115. Kathryn Mackey says:

    fix our dryer and replace the belt

  116. Kelli says:

    My husband and I were able to fix our washing machine without having to call an expensive repairperson out to our house.

  117. Sharon Zimberoff says:

    After searching Repair for parts and installation instructions, I was able to repair my dishwasher. Thank You, Repair Clinic!

  118. Denis says:

    Repair Clinic brings great capability to the DIY field. It empowers a much wider community than heretofore and makes life easier and less expensive for all.

  119. Laurie says:

    With the awesome RepairClinic videos, I was able to diagnose and repair two problems with my 1981 Maytag dryer, and I’m NOT a DIYer.

  120. kathleem says:

    i fixed my toilet and replaced the filter on my furnace’s humidifier.
    don’t have anything needing fixing now, but when i do, i’ll be checking out more of your info and videos.

  121. KEN ENGLETT says:


  122. Lori says:

    Glad you have a blog now. You should really join the DIY community on Google+ I think it would help a LOT of people out!

  123. gabe says:

    Excellent service, parts availibility and prices.

  124. Jim says:

    Excellent resource for part numbers and how to’s. I was not able to fix my washer (would have cost more in parts than to replace), BUT i was able to return the part, no questions asked.

  125. Justa Webb says:

    I have repaired many trimmers and edgers by using the Repair Clinic videos. When I am stumped as to what to do, I go first to the Repair! Works most every time!!

  126. Buddy Ferris says:

    FIxed my dryer, washer, stove and dehumidifier. Thanks.

  127. Tom says:

    I love repair clinic.It is very easy to order the correct parts and I love the online videos to help do the repairs.

  128. ED says:

    i have used the information in the periodic emails to improve the maintenance on my appliances in home. Lots of worthwhile information

  129. ML Bivens says: has helped me fix a washing machine, dishwasher, and a vacuum. Love the site!

  130. Rachael Duke says:

    You guys totally helped me solve my washing machine’s problems and i love your return policy!

  131. gin says:

    i changed the defrost termination thermostat in my refrigerator, i’ve added memory, installed a dvd-r drive and slaved a hard drive in my computer… i would rather do things myself. repair clinic is very educational.

  132. Angela Boehm says:

    I am about to tackle the lawn mower which wasn’t starting last season. I’ll be back for help 😉

  133. melvin says:


  134. Valerie C. says:

    I recently replaced the hose on my dishwasher. Yay!

  135. Robert Curtis says:

    like to win the contest

  136. Carol Schrader says:

    I am retired and help my neighbors with their mowers. I have 28 years in auto mechanics and I found this site and visit it almost daily to help me in the repair of their machines. My neighbors are all in their 70’s and 80’s and on a fixed income. Myself also so this site helps me help them and save them money. Myself only in my 60’s and a female it helps.

  137. Barbara A Spencer says:

    Most things can be repaired by myself with instructions & parts. It fun to do and a lot cheaper!

  138. Robert Zrinsky says:

    I love this site. I’ve fixed dishwashers, washers, dryers, refrigerators, and more with the great advice and quick shipment of the correct parts. Recently fixed a broken freezer rack. I recommend this site to all my friends.

  139. Kathy says:

    Thanks for all the videos. With out them, we’d still be trying to figure things out. lol

  140. Ignacio Martinez Jr says:

    Love this site , I fixed 3 dryers & 1 washer, with parts and best of all the know how from here, the videos are super and very helpfull, I have saved money and made money buy fixing the appliances, I even fixed a dryer while on vacation in Mexico impresing my family over there. (I didnt tell them I got the help from here, Cheating?)..Anyway you got a customer for life.

  141. Rich Guard says:

    I have fixed numerous appliances over the years and saved (and made) a lot of money doing so.
    I have fixed several washing machines, clothes dryers, water softeners, refrigerators, and small appliances. Thanks for parts lists and diagrams, replacement parts, and repair tips.

  142. Barry D Weaver says:

    Thanks foe the help, when I get stuck!!!

  143. Mark Consigny says:

    The parts help on this site is amazing, 99% of the time you can find the part, and a picture confirming it’s the right one, and the other 1% of the time, you ask for help and someone answers you, correctly, almost immediately. This site has saved me a lot of time and money.

  144. paul says:

    This is one great site for all… Repaired many, many appliances from using your Repair Clinic for me, family and friends. AND many, many times Not needing to buy parts. Thanks Greatly your easy access to your site…

  145. Donna says:

    Repair clinic is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Helped my husband and I repair many household problems that we come up against

  146. Rick Thompson says:

    I used Repair Clinic on line site for info to repair my stove…Saved lots of money…

  147. Sylvia Svihel says:

    My husband is the fixer in our household but I do add my help when he needs it 🙂

  148. Brian says:

    I was able to fix my microwave for roughly $15 with help and part ordering from A service call “only” was going to cost me about $85 just to look at it!

  149. James says:

    I replaced the recoil starter on my Honda Harmony mower with a replacement part from Easy as pie.

  150. Kenneth Carney says:

    I have repaired all my major appliances with the help of RC .com. I repaired my
    refrigerators,washer,dryer and stove.

  151. Dan says:

    We always use repair clinic for all our appliance fixes. There just isn’t anybody else that gives you the best price on parts & how to do the fix!!!

  152. Rick Campbell says:

    I have used the site to get parts to fix a lawn mower and (in progress) a tiller

  153. Trude Sperry says:

    The last thing I fixed was a refrigerator gasket. I’d ordered the gasket from RepairClinic after using info on the site to learn about it.

  154. Michael Jaworski says:

    Since becomming aware of this very helpful and informative web site last fall, I have returned to it frequently to ansewr my DIY questions. I have always found the information provided to be helpful.

  155. Nancy Moon says:

    I fixed my dishwasher with the help of your video, also ordered a dryer part that I couldn’t get anywhere else. Love your website and great service, thanks very much.

  156. mike says:

    Great place for DYI repairs. i fixed my washing machine and saved $$$

  157. Joe says:

    You guys have saved me a ton by helping me get more life out of my equipment and appliances instead of replacing them. Thanks!

  158. Craig Sutlive says:

    So far I have replaced a motor and belts in our 1989 Sears dryer ( still going strong ) Swapped out the transmission from an entry level Whirlpool washer into our second Sears washer that has all the features we cherish…. Finally, our microwave turntable motor went bad so, I purchased from repair clinic and replaced the bad motor…. runs great, outstanding price….

  159. randy says:

    your video on replacing dryer heating element was very helpful

  160. Debbie Welchert says:

    We unclogged our dishwasher and boy was it a mess.

  161. Gary L says:

    LOVE Love the Repair Clinic. Have been able to fix the microwave, washer, dryer, parts for the stove and even new racks for the dishwasher when the factory ones failed at less than 2 years. Excellent service suggestions, parts lookup (even if you do not have a name or part#) and great pricing.

    Wife may love it better than me because I can usually get something fixed or replaced before a service man can even get to the house.

    Thank you.

  162. Rob says:

    This site has guided me through repairs for a stove, 2 ovens, refrigerator, lawnmower and dishwasher maintenance. It is very user friendly and parts locator is simple. Great job!

  163. Beth says:

    I love your site!

  164. Jonathan says:

    Hoping to fix my refrigerator starter relay. Great blog with other ideas as well!

  165. George Ma says:


  166. John G says:

    Great deals on lawnmower tune-up kits.

  167. Dee says:

    Love the Repair Clinic. Saved lots of money following instructions and finding parts. Keep up the good work. Great that you started video instructions.

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