Welcome, journalists and bloggers!® makes fixing things easy for millions of people. Founded in 1999, it’s North America’s trusted online store with replacement parts for major household appliances, lawn equipment, power tools and heating & cooling equipment. Free repair resources including more than 2,200+ how-to videos empower people to fix stuff on their own. One million parts for 160 brands are stocked at its 86,000-square-foot facility in Canton, Michigan. Do-it-yourselfers also appreciate its generous, no-hassle 365 Days. Period.® return policy. In-stock parts are guaranteed to ship the same business day. RepairClinic has helped 3,500,000+ people fix stuff on their own and save more than $260 million in repair costs.

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RepairClinic helps neighbors in need during the holidays

RepairClinic helps local kids go back to school ready

RepairClinic makes the holidays brighter for families in community

RepairClinic helps local families in need

RepairClinic staffers fundraise to help local animals employees rally to fight cancer

In honor of Earth Day, employees grab shovels and plant 70+ trees in Detroit Bolsters Support of the Better Business Bureau

Homeowners to save money with DIY furnace repair

RepairClinic employees and their furry friends help the Michigan Humane Society

DIYers to revel in free repair help that makes fixing things easier than ever

Fixing stuff just got easier for Canadian DIYers

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