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Canton, Mich.— RepairClinic.com®, the trusted online store for replacement parts for outdoor power equipment, home appliances and heating and cooling equipment, today shared tips for creating good-looking, low-maintenance landscaping.

1.     Make a plan.

“Few people actually take the time to truly plan their landscaping,” said Jeff Linderman, RepairClinic.com’s in-house landscaping specialist. “Study your yard and your region. Consider shade, sun, moisture, foot traffic and other conditions specific to your yard. Recognize that you don’t have to make all changes in one season. The best landscaping is one that evolves over time.”

2.    Add more vegetation.

“The best kind of yard is one that’s rich with plants,” said Linderman. “Lawns are very high maintenance. Consider complementing your lawn with gardens and plants. A yard with more vegetation has greater ecological benefits.”

3.    Make a walking path.

Areas with a lot of shade or heavy foot traffic may be better suited as walking paths made of stones.

Do the same for slopes and other areas that are difficult to maintain.

4.    Add drought-tolerant plants for time saving and water conservation.

5.    Ask the experts for preventative care advice.

University landscape design or horticulture departments can provide information about diseases and pests threatening trees or plants locally.

“Take a few steps now to protect your yard and save a lot of time and money in the long term,” Linderman said.

6.    Plant perennials in lieu of annuals to reduce pre-season planting.

7.    Leave lawn clippings.

Recycling grass clippings provides additional nutrients to promote lawn growth. Contrary to the common myth, lawn clippings rarely cause enough thatch to choke the lawn, so it’s wise to leave clippings, unless crabgrass and weeds are present in the lawn.

8.    Add Hosta plants. 

In most environments, Hosta plants are shade loving, low-maintenance wonders that pair nicely with colorful, fellow shade-loving flowers.

“Hostas require little pruning and watering so they’re a wise choice in most parts of North America,” said Linderman.

9.    Allow your lawn to grow a bit.

Taller grass is healthier grass so avoid giving lawns buzzcuts. Cut only one third of grass blade length in a single mowing. Grass grows through photosynthesis so the longer the blades, the more energy available to obtain nutrients for healthy root systems.

10.  Choose plants that are native to your region as much as possible. They may require less maintenance.

11.    Transform high-maintenance lawn patches into gardens. 

“The patch of lawn between a street and a sidewalk often requires additional maintenance due to traffic and other factors,” Linderman said. “A strategically-designed garden with low-maintenance flowers and plants can add great curb appeal to your home and reduce yard maintenance.”

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