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1. Water once weekly.

One of the most common questions we receive around this time of the year is: “How often should I water my lawn?”

“Frequent watering for short periods will cause your lawn’s root system to remain close to the surface and therefore more susceptible to disease,” explained Jeff Linderman, RepairClinic.com’s landscaping expert. “In most parts of the U.S., you should water your grass weekly but keep the water flowing for a lengthy period to allow for deeper saturation. This will result in deeper root growth and a healthier, more drought resistant lawn.” Tweet this tip.

Sprinkler - how often should you water your lawn

2. Don’t give your lawn a buzz cut.

If you prefer a more vibrant, plush green lawn, the general rule of thumb is to only cut one third of a grass blade in a single mowing. The reason? Grass grows through photosynthesis.

“Though you may be tempted to cut shorter with the hope of putting off another mowing for later, shorter blades cannot attain the energy necessary to grow properly,” Linderman said. “Taller blades also positively impact the health of the root systems.”

3. Make sure your lawn mower blades are sharp.

Dull blades tear the grass, rather than cut cleanly, and leave the lawn with a yellow hue or brown spots. Tweet this tip. Regularly check your blade for dullness and damage. Use the manufacturer’s recommended blade. A universal blade is not recommended, due to safety issues.

RepairClinic has replacement blades for major lawn mower manufacturers including Ariens, Toro, Craftsman and many others.

4. Stop weed growth asap.

The most effective way to prevent weed growth in your lawn is in early spring. Apply an herbicide now before you spot crabgrass.

Engine tune-up kit5. Take good care of your lawn mower engine (and other outdoor power equipment)

A properly-maintained lawn mower engine will more use less fuel, produce fewer emissions and enable you to use the mower frequently so that you don’t have to cut your lawn short. Click to tweet this.

The most convenient way to do this is with a tune-up kit packed with oil, filters, a spark plug, fuel stabilizer and other products specifically designed for your engine model number. We have them on sale through May 31, 2013.

Have your engine model number ready and head to RepairClinic.com/tune-up to discover the tune-up kit designed specifically for your engine.

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In addition to engine tune-up kits, RepairClinic has replacement parts and maintenance products for string trimmers, pole pruners, chainsaws, edgers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, log splitters, tillers, wood chippers and other related outdoor power equipment.

6. Fertilize wisely.

Most people understand the importance of spring lawn fertilization but they don’t often take the time to study about proper application and what kind is best based on geography and soil type. For a healthy lawn, grass must have all of its essential nutrients. Fertilizer must provide what grass does not get from its natural environment. Speak to a professional at your local garden center about what would be best for your lawn, given your geography and yard. For example, in addition to ultra-important nitrogen, your lawn may need a phosphorous or potassium supplement. In some regions, however, these nutrients occur naturally at sufficient levels. Take the time to study the fertilizer labels. Be sure to clean any excess fertilizers from sidewalks and driveways to prevent runoff into the storm water system. Tweet this tip.

7. Leave grass clippings.

Contrary to the common belief that leaving clippings promotes thatch (a mix of dead and living stems), clippings provide natural nutrients for a lawn. A mulching blade can assist with this by making the clippings even finer. Tweet this tip.

8. Use high-quality grass seed on bare patches or shaded areas.

The quality of grass seed varies greatly. Read the labels and choose a seed with the smallest seed-to-weed ratio possible. High-quality seed always includes this information on the packaging.

Have a great spring!

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