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Canton, Mich.—®, the trusted online store for replacement parts for home appliances, outdoor power equipment and heating and cooling equipment, today shared tips about how to avoid mistakes when hosting a Thanksgiving Day dinner celebration.

Mistake 1: Leaving all meal preparation for Thanksgiving Day.
A traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner includes staple favorite dishes that require lengthy prep and cooking times.
How to avoid it: Create a meal-preparation schedule that begins several days before the holiday. A common mistake is to underestimate time needed for frozen turkey defrosting. Depending on its size, a frozen turkey may require two days to defrost before it is ready for cooking. Consider preparing side dishes the day before Thanksgiving, or at minimum, preparing ingredients (i.e. chopping vegetables) in advance.

Mistake 2: Running an oven’s self-clean cycle the day before.
How to avoid it:  Run an oven’s self-clean cycle no fewer than two weeks prior to Thanksgiving Day.

“Due to the extreme temperatures associated with the self-cleaning function, there is risk of damage to an electrical component or the door latch,” said Chris Hall, president and co-founder. “If you’re preparing a Thanksgiving meal, you should run the self-cleaning feature at least two weeks in advance to give yourself time to repair the range if necessary.”

Note that self-cleaning ovens should not be cleaned with a general oven-cleaning spray, as the formula may damage the self-cleaning surfaces of the oven’s interior.

Mistake 3: A disorganized kitchen.
Overstuffed pantries, cabinets and refrigerators complicate meal preparation and post-dinner leftovers storage.
How to avoid it:  “Set aside one to two hours to clean out your refrigerator, freezer and cabinetry,” said Hall. “Toss out expired items. Reorganize to maximize space. Take an inventory of your pots, pans and other cookware to ensure that you have enough for everything you plan to cook on Thanksgiving.”

Mistake 4: One-person cooking.
How to avoid it: “Don’t be shy about asking guests to bring side dishes and desserts,” said Hall. “Most people are happy to contribute to the feast; they may even feel more welcome if they are asked to bring a dish.”

Mistake 5: Chaotic clean-up.
How to avoid it: “Don’t do all of the clean-up work yourself and then act annoyed that no one helped you,” said Hall. “Delegate point people to load the dishwasher, wrap leftovers, take out the trash, etcetera. If everyone knows what they’re supposed to do, you’ll enjoy a far more efficient clean-up process.”

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Any mistakes/tips you’d add to this list? Please share in the comments below. We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

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