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Here are important reminders about kitchen appliance care to keep you and your family safe :


modern range


  • An anti-tip, mounting device should be installed to secure the range/oven to the floor so that if pressure is applied to the door, there’s no risk of tipping.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher stored in an easily-accessible location.
  • Never use spray oven cleaner in ovens with a self-cleaning feature.
  • For important air circulation, regularly check the vent hood’s filters and fan blades and blower to ensure proper operation.
  • Periodically check the oven door, paying close attention to the way it closes. The gasket (door seal) should be free of tears. If the door does not close or seal properly, excessive heat near the front panel controls can cause unit damage or burns when touched.

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Microwave oven

open microwave oven

  • Broken internal components should be repaired only by a technician, due to risk of electrocution. However, external components like broken latches and handles may be easy, inexpensive DIY part replacement jobs.
  • Heating liquid in a microwave oven is not advised due to risk of burning when touched. It’s better to heat water on a stove-top kettle.

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Garbage disposal

3 myths about garbage disposals

  • Never place hands near the garbage disposal (a.k.a. disposer). Before attempting to clear a disposal jam, unplug or disconnect the disposal from the circuit breaker. With care, use a broom handle or similar tool to clear jams. It’s best to avoid jams entirely by loading food slowly and carefully into the disposal. Do not load fibrous food like celery and corn husks into it.
  • Replace a torn or worn rubber splash guard located in the mouth of the disposal. Damaged splash guards can allow food particles to be catapulted out of a running unit. Some splash guards are removable and easy to replace. Others are more permanently affixed and require more work for replacement.

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