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Since early September, staffers made baked goods and held chili and soup cookoffs and other activities to raise funds to benefit The Hope Clinic, a local organization that provides compassionate and practical help to those in need –social services, food and basic living necessities and dental and medical care to the uninsured.

Last night, RepairClinic staffers used these funds to purchase two truckloads full of groceries. It was an appreciated delivery today at The Hope Clinic, as the organization’s need for goods has increased in recent weeks. Families took home the donated goods within hours of delivery.

“That’s one of the reasons I enjoy being part of RepairClinic,” said Rachel Skedzielewski. “It’s great working for a company with so many people who want to help organizations like The Hope Clinic. It’s an awesome feeling to come together and support efforts to positively impact – even save– the lives of people in our community.”

RepairClinic is a long-time supporter of this Ypsilanti, Michigan-based organization. More information about the organization is available at’s efforts to support the Hope Clinic are led by RepairClinic Outreach, a group of employees dedicated to making a positive impact, locally and nationally. Every year, RepairClinic Outreach supports several non-profit organizations through volunteerism and fundraising. Earlier this fall, RepairClinic employees fundraised to support Michigan and metro-Detroit organizations help animals. This spring, RepairClinic employees planted 70 trees in Detroit.

Joey and Jim shopping for The Hope Clinic - 11-13-13’s Joey Gagnon and Jim Palson stock up on supplies for donation.
RepairClinic staffers Janice Eaton and Rachel Skedzielewski
RepairClinic staffers Janice Eaton and Rachel Skedzielewski.
RepairClinic staffers Ken Carlson and Jim Palson shop for groceries
RepairClinic staffers Ken Carlson and Jim Palson.
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