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Heating and Cooling 10 easy ways to lower your summer cooling bills

Published on July 23rd, 2013 | by Staff


10 easy ways to lower your summer cooling bills

Cranking up the AC in your home? Portable fans working overtime?

Yes, the same thing is happening in our homes, too!

Here are 10 easy things you can do to reduce energy consumption, get more comfortable and lower your cooling bill.

turn off the light1. Switch off the lights. Lights and lamps, no matter the size, generate heat. Keep on only those you really need.

2. Consider alternative ways to prepare meals such as your outdoor grill. Why? Ovens generate heat, too.

3. Plant trees in your yard. The new shade could make a considerable difference in your home’s overall temperature.

4. Wear warm-weather clothes inside of your home. This will enable you to increase your home’s temperature by a few degrees without notice.

5. Give your AC some TLC. If you have a window AC, clean its air filter. A dirty, clogged filter makes means your AC must work harder. It can also lead to costly repairs. If you have a central air conditioning system, clean it before and after the cooling season. Wash out leaves, grass, dirt and other debris from between the coils.

Air conditioner broken? RepairClinic has replacement parts for window and through-wall (a.k.a. through-the-wall or thru-wall) air conditioners as well as central air conditioning systems. With your air conditioner’s model number ready, head to

6. Check out the caulking and/or weatherstripping around windows. Repair as needed.

7. Use only a ceiling fan at night. As evening arrives and temperatures fall, you may only need a fan serving one room to stay comfortable.

8. Close the drapes and shades. Yes, this really can reduce room temperature  by a few degrees, especially in sunny areas.

9. Hang out on the lowest floor of your home. Remember that heat rises so spending more time in the coolest part of your home may take a needed load off your cooling system.

10. If you’re out of your home for a day or a longer period, leave a reminder note to adjust your home’s thermostat to a slightly higher temperature before you leave.

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6 Responses to 10 easy ways to lower your summer cooling bills

  1. Andy says:

    Get a programmable thermostat; that way you can set it to be a litle less cool in the day while you’re away at work and have it start cooling more about an hour before you come home. Do the same thing at bedtime; set it to ease off on the cooling after you’ve gone to bed. It’s dark and you’re motionless; it won’t need to be quite as cold for you to feel comfortable.

    • Jody Lamb says:

      Hi Andy, yes, great advice! Thank you. Yes, programmable thermostats are an efficient and easy way to reduce energy consumption. Thanks for mentioning that! Have a great rest of your summer!

  2. Michael B. Mayor, MD says:

    Using a whole-house fan during the night to exhaust hot day-time air from the house can eliminate the need for any air conditioner, especially if the sunny side of the house is protected by awnings or sun-screen drapes for its openings.

    • Jody Lamb says:

      Yes, you’re absolutely correct, Dr. Mayor. In some regions, a whole-house fan may be a more efficient cooling means than any air conditioner at all! A whole-house fan is a definitely an option to consider. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Kathryn Megee says:

    Wash your face & arms occasionally with a cool wet cloth, or try tying a damp bandana loosely around your neck or forehead. Then as you sit or walk in front of the fan, you feel the chill.

  4. Dunn Hughes says:

    I have been impressed with your post.thanks for sharing this with us.i thnk if you want to lowering your bills then you should repair your electrical appliance time to time.Make sure your warranty is covered by a factory-authorized appliance repair shop..if you are looking for AC Repair,Heating,Furnace Hot Water Heater Repair contractor then feel free to visit our website

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