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Take the time to properly care for your lawn mower and you’ll avoid key-component damage that could kill your lawn mower.

Here are five things that could kill your lawn mower:

1. Forcing it to work using dirty filters

Clean and/or replace air and fuel filters to keep the engine healthy.

2. Using parts not designed for your particular model

Only use replacement parts and maintenance products designed for your particular model. Parts and products labeled as “universal” should be avoided, as they can cause extreme safety issues and premature wear of parts.

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3. Enabling old fuel to destroy the carburetor

Always add fuel stabilizer when you put new fuel in your lawn mower. This will slow the growth of damaging buildup.

4. Failing to regularly inspect for damage

After every few uses, remove the spark plug boot and look for rusting, gashes and signs of damage to the blade and other parts. Replace parts as needed.

5. Not fixing problems at the first signs of performance issues.

Pay attention to changes in performance such as the engine having difficulty starting.

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