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Lawn and garden equipment and tools play an important role in yard health and appearance.

Here are five equipment-care-related to dos to make it easier to improve your yard after a damaging winter:

1. Make sure your lawn mower blade is sharp.

Dull blades tear grass, resulting in a yellowish hue over lawns. Sharp blades cut cleanly.

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2. Use non-round-shaped cutting line on your string trimmer.

Replace round-shaped string trimmer line with star, cross or square-shaped string for a sharper cutting edge so you can cut faster and cleaner.

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3. Embrace the convenience of a leaf blower.

Use a leaf blower to remove leaves and debris from hard-to-reach locations such as under stairs, between shrubbery and near central air condensing units.

4. Take note of and address problems as soon as possible.

Study your lawn and yard. Make a plan for fertilizer application and reseeding as needed. Similarly, inspect all of your lawn and garden equipment and tools for damage and replace parts. If there are changes in equipment performance, troubleshoot before using them again.

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5.    Avoid the urge to go cutting and trimming crazy.

Never cut more than one third the length of a lawn mower grass blade. Short grass and heavily-trimmed shrubbery cannot obtain all of the nutrients from the sun necessary for proper growth.

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