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How’s your snowblower holding up?

It’s about time for mid-winter maintenance to ensure that your snowblower keeps working well:

Review the snowblower owner’s manual for maintenance recommendations, as procedures vary by model and by single vs. dual stage units.

• Make safety your top priority.

Before starting any maintenance work:
– Turn off the snowblower
– Disconnect the spark plug
– Disengage the clutch
– Wait 60 seconds

•    Inspect.

Check key components for damage and wear. The slide shoes and scraper blades should be carefully inspected because they have the important job of protecting the snowblower housing from damage. These parts should be replaced if damaged beyond repair.

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•    Replace the fuel filter.

Fuel filters cannot be cleaned and it’s impossible to determine if a fuel filter is clogged or damaged.
If it’s been longer than one year, simply replace it.

•    Check and replace oil, as needed.

Check the oil level, if your snowblower has a four-stroke engine.
If you have a four-stroke engine, the oil level should be checked after eight hours of use. It should be replaced every 50 hours of use or once every season. Fresh oil is a golden or amber color. As it ages, it will darken. Consult your owner’s manual to find the proper viscosity oil to use in colder temperatures. Also check the owner’s manual to find the proper way to drain and replace the oil, as this varies by model and manufacturer.  Note that two-stroke engines do not use engine oil.

•    Inspect the auger.

Look for damage to the auger. If you have a single-stage, pay particular attention to the auger paddles. If they have worn so thin, they no longer touch the ground, they should be replaced. Exposed metal can cause expensive damage.

•    Remove grease and grime.

Spray degreaser on dirty, greasy spots and allow it to sit at least 10 minutes before wiping with a cloth.

•    Add fuel stabilizer to fresh fuel.

•    Lubricate wheel and auger bearings to prevent rusting.

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