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One of the most common questions we receive at RepairClinic is: “My washing machine won’t spin. What’s wrong with it?”

While there are several possible causes for this washer symptom, a common cause is a defective lid switch. Lid switches break over time. Located near the washing machine’s lid frame (a.k.a. door frame), the lid switch serves as a safety feature in washing machines. When the lid switch fails – electrically or mechanically – it can prevent the washing machine from working entirely.

Find out if this part is the cause of a washing machine not spinning by testing the lid switch for continuity using a digital multi-meter.

Watch our helpful how-to video for this DIY job:

Find the correct lid switch assembly for your model when you enter your washer’s model number in our search engine:

There, you may also find a lid switch assembly replacement how-to video similar to the following:

RepairClinic has repair help for several other common washing machine issues including not starting, not filling, making noises, not agitating, filling slowly, overfilling, stopping mid-cycle, leaking and others.

Washing machine repair help

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7 thoughts on “How to fix a washing machine that won’t spin”

  1. GE WASHER model:wkre6280d0ww won’t start with cold water on,flip to warm or hot & it works.when first happened heard a clicking noise in cotrol panel.than washer will stop before spin cycle.turn off flip to spin only & it works fine.

    1. This sounds like you are not getting any or very little cold water coming in. You can shut off the cold water valve and disconnect the cold water hose from the washer and put it in a bucket or laundry tub and then reopen the valve. If you have good water flow, you most likely have a bad water valve. A multi-meter could help make sure there is power to the valve in the fill cycle. If you still have problems, there is likely a tech sheet in the control panel that will provide additional information. Here is a multi-meter:

  2. My GE Washer WJSR4160G1WW stopped spinning and after an inspection it was determined that the belt was broken. I ordered a new belt from RC and installed with much difficulty I might ad. This belt failed after a year and three months. I ordered another one and replaced it again. I then removed the front cabinet of the washer and observed a full cycle. I saw nothing un-usual that would cause this belt to fail once again. Do you have any ideas on why this particular part has failed two times in a row?


    1. Hi Lionel,

      Yes, this belt is really tight and is made to slip a little on the drive pulley. This may be one of the contributing factors coupled with the amount of use and the load sizes. Make sure you and your family members are not overloading the machine. Thanks for the comment!

  3. That makes sense that a defective lid switch would make the washing machine not spin. It’s a safety feature that the machine won’t start unless the lid is down. If my machine can’t tell if the lid is lowered, it won’t start. I’ll have to check it out and see if we can get that fixed.

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