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Lawn Mower Tips - Money Saving Tips For Getting Your Lawn Mower Ready for the Season

You, in sunglasses, shorts and sandals, firing up the outdoor barbecue. Kids creating chalk masterpieces on sidewalks. The familiar ice cream truck song in the distance. Tulips and lilacs painting color in your yard.

What’s missing? The unmistakable freshly-cut lawn aroma, of course! If you’re like us, this marks the official start of spring. Time to do some lawn mower maintenance and get your lawn mower ready for the season! No matter if you have a Toro, Craftsman or Honda, here are a few tips to get your lawn mower all set (and avoid expensive repairs, reduce emissions and extend its life)!

Be sure to refer to your lawn mower manufacturer’s owner’s manual carefully, as maintenance requirements vary from model to model.

Seasonal Lawn Mower Tips

After dusting off any dirt, grass and spider webs from your lawn mower, here are the next steps you should take for getting your lawn mower ready.

Air Filters:

The air filter prevents dust and grass from getting into the engine. If it’s a paper filter, replacement is needed. Foam pre-filters can be washed in soapy water. Allow the filter to air dry thoroughly and reinstall. If you only have a foam filter, wash in soapy water, allow it to air dry completely, saturate with engine oil, wring out and reinstall into the mower.

Spark Plug:

In general, spark plugs should be replaced once per year so now’s a good time. You can find the part number located on the spark plug so it will be easy to find the correct replacement.

Engine Oil:

Drain the old oil and replace with fresh engine oil, following your lawn mower manufacturer’s recommendation. Frequency of this step over the season will vary depending on your usage.

Happy mowing! Happy spring!

For a lawnmower maintenance crash course/repair guide with loads of helpful tips, check our all-things-lawn-mower web page here.

Tips of the Month

Want a greener lawn? Sharp mower blades can help! Dull mower blades tear, rather than cut, and the result is a lawn with a common white/yellow hue at the surface. Sharp blades provide a proper cut for a more vibrant green appearance. Blades are inexpensive to replace or sharpen so it’s a smart and easy way to create a greener lawn.


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