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Daily, we hear from families who successfully repaired their dryers or washing machines. They’re grateful for the return of functioning and reliable equipment.

Access to functioning washing machines and dryers is something we appreciate most when we’re without them.

Volunteers and staff at the Hope Clinic, a non-profit organization located nearby, will tell you that there are many families in the community who don’t have convenient or consistent access to laundry facilities.

Located nearby RepairClinic’s headquarters, the Hope Clinic provides medical, dental and social services for families in need.

This includes a laundry facility with washing machines and dryers. Every week, families complete nearly 200 loads of laundry, adding up to 10,000 loads per year.

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For years, RepairClinic’s on-staff appliance repair specialists have volunteered and repaired the facility’s washing machines and dryers.

“We’ve kept them running for as long as we could but a few became unrepairable due to replacement parts no longer being available,” said Terry Spencer, RepairClinic appliance repair specialist.

After the Home Depot® in Canton, Michigan offered discounted pricing on new washing machines, Terry Spencer and Chris Zeisler purchased, delivered and installed the machines on behalf of the RepairClinic staff.

“We are extremely grateful for the donation,” said Anne Marie Gill of the Hope Clinic. “This week, more than 40 families completed their laundry thanks to the facility running at full capacity again.”

The effort was coordinated by RepairClinic’s Outreach group, which supports the organization quarterly by shopping for and filling the pantry shelves.

Repair Clinic’s Community Outreach group includes dozens of RepairClinic staffers who support local and national non-profit organizations with volunteerism and fundraising- outside of their RepairClinic work.

Earlier this year, we raised nearly $6,500 for the American Cancer Society.  Last year, we made the holiday celebrations brighter for several families in need, fundraised to support local animals and shelters, planted 70 trees in Detroit – among many other activities. Read about more of our activities.

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