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When it makes more sense to replace a broken lawn mower than to repair it, here are things to consider when you’re in the market for a new push lawn mower:

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  1. If you’d prefer the easiest start possible, look for a model with an electric start. Engine startup is as simple as turning the key.
  2. Variable speed. A speed-adjusting lever will enable you to speed up and slow down as needed. This is a wise choice for younger and older lawn mower operators.
  3. A blade brake clutch. This handy feature disengages the blade but keeps the engine going. You’ll appreciate this convenience when you need to empty the mower bag or if you need to stop to move a toy or branch from the immediate area. Warning: Never put your hand near the blade area.
  4. Most premium engines, as they are dubbed, are quieter, last longer and reduce emissions.
  5. A washout port makes cleaning the inside of the mower deck extremely easy. You simply connect your garden hose and it goes to work to remove grass buildup. This eliminates need for dangerous tilting or tipping of the mower.
  6. If you mow your lawn through several seasons, a model that can mulch, bag and discharge clippings is a wise idea.

It’s also smart to check reviews and reports conducted by Consumer Reports, Popular Mechanics and other respected consumer publications that regularly test lawn mowers and other outdoor power equipment.

Remember to bookmark and check back frequently for tune-up kits, spark plugs, blades and other products to keep it running well.

Have a great summer.

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