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Thinking of the coming winter yet? If you live in Canada or, like us here at, one of the northern states, you just might be, while you’re mowing your lawn and mulching leaves.

It’s not quite time to prep your lawn mowers, edgers, string trimmers and other outdoor power equipment for winter storage but…there are a few important to dos you should handle now.

1. Complete a thorough checkup of your lawn mower and other outdoor power equipment.

Of particular importance:

Check the oil.

This should happen every eight hours of use. Like in vehicle engines, the oil should be amber in color.

Clean and/or replace air and fuel filters, if equipped.

Lawn mowers: Inspect the blade for damage and dullness.

Bends and other damage could cause serious safety issues. Dull blades should be sharpened or replaced. Dull blades tear grass, rather than cut.

Replace the spark plug.

If you didn’t replace the spark plug at the start of the season, consider doing so now.

2.  Troubleshoot and repair, if there are changes or problems with performance.

When late fall arrives (and with it, cold temperatures), you’ll wish you’d taken care of these repairs now.

Common problems:

  • Lawn mower stopping and then starting
  • Lawn mower smoking a lot
  • Lawn mower leaks gas

Add your equipment model numbers in RepairClinic’s free, online troubleshooting and repair help system.

3. Add fuel stabilizer to fresh fuel.

As you may be  adding fresh fuel to your lawn mower and other equipment for the final time of the season, use fuel stabilizer to slow the growth of buildup. This is particularly important for lawn mowers, as stale fuel commonly causes carburetor problems.

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