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2017 – Best YouTube Instructional Videos

2017 – Repair It or Replace It?

2017 – 10 Bad Habits around the House That Cost You Money

11/11/2016 Eastern Michigan University Digital Marketing Workshop – Event Detail | Facebook Post

11/10/2016 – Thrifty Thursday: Easy home appliance fixes

11/3/2016 – Thrifty Thursday: 4 ways to prepare lawn mower for winter storage

10/27/2016 – Thrifty Thursday: Keeping the furnace in tip top shape

10/20/2016 – Thrifty Thursday: Preparing for cold weather

8/8/2016 – Most Reliable Appliance Repair Services

3/17/2015 – 10 DIY home repairs you can do yourself

3/13/2015 Killeen Daily Herald – Seven mistakes that drive home-energy bills through the roof

3/13/2015 The Times News (Burlington, NC) – Spring cleaning tips

2/16/2015 WDIV NBC Detroit – Michigan company helps consumers do their own repairs at home, work

2/13/2015 – The Best Snowblowers

2/5/2015 Popular Mechanics (March 2015) – Taking stuff apart: refrigerator

2/5/2015 Real Simple (March 2015) – How to build a better toolbox

2/3/2015 The Chronicle (Chester, NY) – Seven mistakes that drive home energy bills through the roof

1/19/2015 The Chronicle (Chester, NY) – Mid-winter home maintenance to-dos

1/08/2015 The List TV show – Save time u0026amp; money: Know what to take care of in your house and when

12/14/2014 Fort Wayne Journal Gazette – Is your snowblower ready?

12/8/2014 Consumer Reports – Don’t be a product repair victim: How to get a great repair and what to do if things go wrong

12/5/2014 Internet Retailer – 2015 Hot 100 list: the world’s best retail websites

11/25/2014 The Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, CA) – Avoid holiday disasters by maintaining appliances

11/19/2014 Virginia Gazette – Fall home maintenance checklist

11/19/2014 Daily Press (Virginia) – Fall home maintenance checklist

11/17/2014 102.9 FM KARN Little Rock, AK – How to winterize your lawn mower

11/15/2014 Las Vegas Review Journal – 10 reasons you’re still living paycheck to paycheck

11/14/2014 The List TV Show – How to prepare your lawn mower for winter

11/10/2014 The List TV show – Thanksgiving hosting mistakes to avoid

11/6/2014 – 7 Mistakes to Avoid This Thanksgiving

11/5/2014 – These 11 ‘vampire appliances’ may waste $250+ per year

10/31/2014 Internet Retailer – Armed and Ready: How is protecting its customers from cybercrime

10/30/2014 Internet Retailer – Why RepairClinic moved from encrypting and storing payment card data itself to First Data

10/28/2014 – Fire Safety for Kids: 21 Fire Prevention Experts Share Their Top Tips to Keep Kids and Families Safe from Home Fires

10/18/2014 (Detroit) – Fall home maintenance tips

10/14/2014 – How often should you really wash that? A laundry guide.

10/13/2014 Muscatine Journal (IA) – Prepare lawn mower, yard equipment for winter storage

10/5/2014 Quad City Times – Putting your lawn mower away for winter

10/5/2014 Lincoln Journal Star – Fall home maintenance tips

10/2/2014 Goedeker’s Home Life – Common Appliance Issues

10/1/2014 Costco Connection – Vac to the future

9/29/2014 – The Best Dishwasher

9/29/2014 Quad City Times –  Seven lawn mower care mistakes to avoid

9/28/2014 The Killeen Daily Herald –  5 easy fixes for common household appliance problems

9/24/2014 – Top Frugal Living Tips: 28 Experts Share Ideas and Advice on How to Live Frugally

9/3/2014 Detroit News – named one of the web’s top 500 leading mobile e-commerce websites

8/6/2014 Business 2 Community – How One Company Helps Its Customers Save Time and Money

8/1/2014 HGTV magazine – September 2014 – Bad little habits that cost big bucks

7/31/2014 – How to Keep Cool at Home Without Spending A Fortune on Air Conditioning

7/1/2014 – Real Simple magazine – August 2014 –  Guide to taking control of the laundry

5/52014 – 5 Monday Mistakes We All Make

5/2/2014 -Olney (IL) Daily Mail – 5 Money Mistakes We All Make

5/1/2014 – Consumer Reports – Consumer Reports Kitchen Planning u0026amp; Buying Guide

4/30/2014 – Canton Observer – Canton_clinic_offers_tips_on_yard_repair

4/27/2014 – – 10 Reasons You’re Still Living Paycheck to Paycheck

4/26/2014 – Killeen Daily Herald – Five simple ways to repair a yard after a harsh winter

4/14/2014 – The Boston Globe – When to repair or replace a broken product

3/31/2014 Quad City Times – 8 tips to get snowblowers ready for storage

3/26/2014 – Internet Retailer – focuses on growth through video

3/24/2014 – Green Industry Pros – Snowblower Maintenance and Storage

3/4/2014 – The Buffalo News – How to make smart repair choices

2/21/2014 The Tennessean – Get ready for spring

2/14/2014 KAGS-TV, College Station, TX – Mid-Winter Cleaning to Save Money in the Spring

2/14/2014 Chicago Daily Herald – Care tips for floors

2/5/2014 Canton Observer – posts 30-percent growth

1/31/2014 Chicago Tribune – When good appliances go bad: Repair or Replace?

1/31/2014, Plainview, TX – Deciding whether to repair or replace

1/28/2014 Happy Customer, a StellaService publication –  How Uses Digital Media to Build and Service Its DIY Community

1/22/2014 MSN Real Estate – Guide to troubleshooting your appliances

1/2/2014 Charlotte Observer – 5 reasons a water dispenser stops working

1/1/2014 Consumer Reports – Repair or Replace? Find out when you should fix it and when you should nix it

12/16/2013 Canton Observer – 10 tips to reduce energy costs

12/14/2013 The Killeen Daily Herald – 10 easy ways to reduce winter home heating bills

12/8/2013 Philadelphia Inquirer – Restarting refrigerator’s water dispenser and ice maker

11/27/2013 The News Eagle (Pawley, PA) – Thanksgiving mistakes to avoid

11/22/2013 The Lansing State Journal – Avoid these 5 Thanksgiving dinner mistakes

11/22/2013 The Tennessean –  Clean appliances to avoid holiday disaster

11/21/2013 Green Bay Press Gazette – Thanksgiving mistakes to avoid

11/6/2013 Daily Press (Newport News, VA) – 11 easy ways to prep your lawn mower for storage

10/29/2013 Cleveland Sun Times – Don’t just park it – follow these tips to prep lawn mower for winter

10/21/2013 Quad-City Times – Mower needs prepping for winter storage

10/17/2013 Detroit Free Press – 11 easy ways to prep a lawn mower for storage

10/15/2013 Real Simple – November 2013 – (Low) Maintenance – The Oven

10/7/2013 Ponoco Record – (Stroudsburg, PA) – 10 things to do before putting away your mower

9/20/2013 – “The Necessity of Strangers: The Intriguing Truth About Insight, Innovation, and Success,” a book by Alan Gregerman

9/18/2013 SmartBlogs – Author of book on leadership and success in business says is changing the game like Apple, Whole Foods and Ikea

9/7/2013 Tulsa World – Time is now to prep for fall planting

8/8/2013 Chicago Daily Herald – Fixing appliances on the cheap

8/8/2013 Dallas Morning News – Fertile ground for potentially deadly accidents

8/7/2013 – Energy-saving business tips  for equipment dealerships

8/7/2013 – 17 ways to prep maintenance accounts for fall

8/1/2013 HGTV Magazine, Sept. 2013 issue  – Life expectancy of appliances

7/26/2013 The Tennessean (Nashville) – Leave behind clippings for nutrients

7/24/2013 Canton Observer (Canton, Michigan) – Yard_care_basics_people_get_wrong

7/7/2013 Shelton Herald (Connecticut) –  Five killer outdoor power equipment-related dangers

5/31/2013 The Tennessean – Lawn problem fixes

5/30/2013 San Diego Home/Garden magazine – 7 quick, easy and cheap fixes for common lawn problems

5/30/2013 Yahoo! Finance – Why Modern Appliances Don’t Last

5/17/2013 Courier-Post – Site covers DIY fixes from A to Z

4/24/2013 The Tennessean – How to keep your lawn mower running like new

4/18/2013 Dallas Morning News –  New home repair blog can save money, prevent headaches

4/8/2013 HGTV magazine – If your microwave could talk

4/3/2013  AARP – To Buy New or Repair: That Is the Question

3/23/2013 Journal-Gazette (Fort Wayne) – How to tune up your mower as spring arrives

3/7/2013 Diggin’ In gardening blog – 7 ways to make your lawn mower run like new

3/1/2013  HGTV magazine – If your dryer could talk

2/26/2013 MSN Real Estate – Guide to troubleshooting your appliances

1/31/2013    Canton Observer – Tips offered for winter safety

12/31/2012  Charleston Post u0026amp; Courier – How to save big in 2013

12/17/2012  Canton Observer – Orders fly in for online parts company

12/13/2012 WJR Detroit – Best in Business profile feature

11/18/2012  Miami Herald – How to prevent a dishwasher door gasket/seal leak

11/1/2012    The Handyguys Podcast – How to fix a GE refrigerator water and ice dispenser problem

11/1/2012     Handyman Club of America – 3 Tips to Prevent Dryer Fires

11/1/2012     The Plain Dealer – Cleveland – Freezer Care Basics

10/29/2012   WTOP – Washington D.C. – 3 Retail Giants Focusing on Virtual Shopping to Stay Ahead

10/29/2012  Trefis – Companies Find Value in Do-It-Yourself Business Model

10/25/2012   RetailMeNot Insider- 10 home repairs you can do on your own

10/19/2012  Consumer Reports – Kitchen Planning u0026amp; Buying Guide

10/13/2012   Tulsa World –  How to Prevent Dryer Fires

10/10/2012  The Bulletin (Bend, OR) – Repair or Toss- The Bulletin – Bend, OR. 10.10.12

10/07/2012  Star Tribune (Minneapolis) – RepairClinic’s New Help system

10/03/2012  Investment Underground  –’s president and co-founder dishes about the future of the company

09/26/2012  Breakfast Television Winnipeg –  Stuff you can fix on your own

09/20/2012   Crawford Country Avalanche (Grayling, MI) – 5 things your dad was wrong about

09/18/2012   HGTV Magazine – If your dishwasher could talk

09/01/2012   Carolina Living magazine – Appliance Precautions Can Prevent Accidents

08/10/2012  The Daily Times (Illinois) – When dishwasher racks start to rust

07/18/2012 – Three overlooked home hazards and how to prevent them

07/18/2012 – Home Appliance Fires

06/21/2012    Canton Observer –’s Family Fun Day Recap

06/09/2012    Mr. Fix It – WGN Chicago radio – Debunking common yard care myths

05/30/2012    HGTV Magazine –  How well do you know your kitchen?

05/10/2012 – 4 Dangerous Home Mistakes

05/03/2012    Canton Observer – Christmas comes early in volunteer effort

04/24/2012    Everyday Cheapskate column – Syndicated – A Badge of Thrifty Honor (saving on washers)

03/23/2012    The Kansas City Star –  Steps to keep your washer/dryer spinning

03/20/2012    Handy Toolbox (Handyman Club of America)  –  Clean a Brick in a Washing Machine?

01/01/2012     Women’s Day – How can I make my big-ticket items last longer?


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